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Let's Save Our Mother Earth

We foster practices involved in the protection, management, preservation of the natural environment and ecological communities that inhabit them.

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About Us

Welcome To Elom Greenie

About Elomgreenie

Elomgreenie is an organization aimed at protecting and restoring the earth through advocacy, research and implementing a project that will enable people and organization throughout the world to realize their full responsibility to protect nature. This we believe it will enable use to achieve an environment habitable for all and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals


Core value


We believe in environmental conservation through which we advocate on issues facing the environment and help save the earth


We consider both the biotic and abiotic as the essential factors responsible for shaping the ecosystem, and the inclusion of our flora and fauna in the biodiversity


We create medium through which we enlighten and sensitize for public awareness and engagement


we do not only talk but action, we develop, research and promote steps towards a safer environment. To promote an ecofriendly activity.

Our Work

What We Are Doing


Waste management


Media Campaign

Our Work

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We foster practices involved in the protection, management, preservation of the natural environment and ecological communities that inhabit them.

Green environment

Green environment is all about practising an environmentally mindful lifestyle that contributes towards protecting the environment. When we all take small steps towards preserving our planet, we all reap big rewards.

Tree planting

Trees are the basis of human existence and an important part of every community. We encourage people to plant trees for nature- a gift that keeps growing.


waste is unwanted or unusable material, as we know it but the narratives are changing, waste is entirely not useless, the smart entrepreneur is turning waste we produce every day into the money-making product, it's such a brilliant idea that profit one's pocket and environment at the same time.

Eco Talk

A media to discuss relevant eco-related topics with renounced professional and experts within the sphere of the eco-friendly environment


Our Gallery



Kayode Ojelola


James Chukwu

Program Lead

Adeojo E. O

Graphic Team Lead


Social Media Manager


What People Say​

Elom Greenie is a platform I got to know about from Dr. Femi Idowu Adegoke, My mentor who had a class on their platform and he then linked me up to the Admin who then allowed me to join the platform. After the class I was supposed to leave but I was stuck there because of the wonderful things being said there and as someone who believes so much in the power of Advocacy in environmental sustainability I stayed and so far I have learnt a lot and I believe with more consistency we can win the fight against Climate change. I am a proud Volunteer of Elom Greenie.
Deborah Lawal
It all began from when I started to pay attention on Waste Mgt. from mid 2019 by an initial assignment given to me at school on Waste Mgt. This enlightened me on the huge ignorance of people on the adverse effects of improper Waste Mgt and the great benefits of Waste which is actually not a ‘waste’. In turn, it led me to taking an online course on Waste Mgt. during the Pandemic Lockdown in Nigeria (2020) but I couldn't complete the course due to some reasons. The urge to learning more and surrounding myself with like-minded people on this course brought me to meeting Elom Greenie through the online campaigns I often viewed on Mr. Kayode Ojelola's WhatsApp Status. Since then, I've been gaining more knowledge on Waste Mgt and other related information on sustaining a Green Earth and good Climate Actions.
Olúwaṣeun Daodu
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Alison Burgas
Product Designer

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